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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Scolding is not Inspiring

People often mistake scolding as an ability  to change other person in people management. That is the greatest mistake  a person can ever make especially when other person is no more a kid. Instead, scolding creates repercussion  that may not be desirable as thought by the one scolding. 
I often wonder why people resort to scolding when there are many other means to solve the problems. Scolding generates negative energy among  people who are the victims. It agitates people and makes them repeat the same thing intentionally.

Does scolding solve problem? No, it does not instead  complicates the situation. It disheartens those people who need  support and and guidance. A scolding without any analysis of situation of  other person is a sheer blunder. A leader/Manager/Supervisor needs to understand this. Listening to people who lick your boots to please you  shows your inner values and principles.It portrays firmness in your decision-making and your leadership quality. Leader of such kind are not so wanted by many people except the boot lickers.    Scolding your subordinates is not a solution to any problem. Instead listen to them. Have patience to look from broader perspectives the  challenges you are face with regarding people management.
Life could not be any miserable than having to be in a place where your boss is listener to boot lickers and your voice is not at all considered. Leave alone considering your opinion, if it  is just rejected the moment you start to raise will be the worst experience for any person. 
 To inspire people is to encourage and influence their mind and soul . Scolding is  definitely not  an Inspiration. It is rather  something that stimulates nerves than  souls. 
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