You are capable of more than what you think

Monday, June 2, 2014

List of Gratitude(Thank you Rhonda Bryne, you made me a grateful Person)

I am grateful to wake up alive today morning I know hundreds have not seen the morning's daylight.
I am grateful to be able to breath the fresh air because it is keeping me alive.
I am grateful for giving me wonderful parents and understanding siblings because they made me the person I am today .
I am grateful to be surrounded with joyful friends because they add colors to my life.
I am grateful to reach where I am today because I feel proud of myself.
I am grateful to have a perfect partner because he gives completes my World.
I am grateful to be meet with great teachers because they taught me the values of Life.
I am grateful to be able to  make my prayers everyday because it gives peace to  my soul.
I am grateful to have all my senses because I can see,feel,hear,taste,smell ;  some do not have the ability to do this. 
I am grateful to have a good boss because she is an inspiration to me.
I am grateful to be able to accept the way I am because its a challenge for few to accept themselves.
I am grateful to be working in my office because its a comfortable space I am given to work.
I am grateful to be born in Bhutan because its a peaceful country and I can live without any anxiety. 

There are many things I am grateful in life. Even in a day there are several things I am grateful for. There are people I am deeply grateful for.As I count on my gratitude in life, I feel the magic happen to me every seconds of my life. I feel satisfied and see happiness growing inside me. It brings the glow that life could bring ant happy man on earth. Our life is worth the gratitude because Magic is what we make happen to ourselves through gratitude. 

Be grateful each day, each moments of your life. Its worth it.   

I am practicing Rhonda's "The Magic" and it made me....