You are capable of more than what you think

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Meaning of Life???

Did u often wonder why you are born on this earth?? Did u ever get depressed in search of your own identity? when i say identity i do not mean you as Tashi,Pema or Sonam. I mean your profound identity. I do not know what that is called, may be self discovery. I do not have right term for it. But i always believe we have higher roles to play in the world. I always suppose that we do not mean to exist just as we do now. There are higher truth than we can see it right now. This can only be achieved through self identity.

 I wonder are we just meant to be born, grow up, go to schools, enter university,get a degree or so, haunt job, get it finally, search for a life partner, get married, have kids, then spend times thinking of our kids and then when they are finally old enough, retire ourselves, and get old, finally die. Is that the end of us? Is that why we came here in this world?
Do we have things beyond what every people do every do? will we ever be able to realize it some day? When will that turning point be?
Well i live in this confused state all the time. Moat of the time i am drowned into this thoughts and emotions. I find so difficult to swim out of this confused state. Or am i crazy to think about it.In search of my goals in this life, i often feel lonely because i am unable to go with the flow of time because i find myself so peculiar when i compare to myself to  people . Or do i even need to compare myself?
All i feel is lost. I have spent 17 years of my life educating myself and its even time for me to get into a job. I will live my life like any other human.Go to office, come back home and so on. It will be a "normal life" like people describe. But is that really being normal. I want to know who i am. not just Tashi. The real me. where do i find my goals, my final destination, my roles.
I want to transcend from this mundane and ordinary life. I always have faith that the meaning of life is not how we define. we have greater definition for it which i am yet to discover.
Only i know my life is not just meant to waste itself in futility.Because its ultimately me who have to go through everything. The world exist only because i am here. It will be there as long as i am here. When i am gone it will cease to exist.
The path towards my destiny is misty yet i try to follow it with my intuition. All i want to do is realize the higher truth of my existence here.
Do bless me my Guru ^ ^