You are capable of more than what you think

Monday, November 26, 2012


It is a man i am thinking about whom i met yesterday evening as i was crossing the street. He stopped me and my friend, Sonam, suddenly as we were walking home. He looked nervous, searching for something, his eyes were lost. In anxious tone, he said "I lost my wife and child." Sonam and i were shocked as soon as he said this. What! i exclaimed. Yes he had really lost his wife and his little child. Thimphu is not a big town but it is for those people who come to the place for first time. 

The man was a painter and had come  from Trashigang, the remote east of the country, for the first time to Thimphu. it was so sad to see him and it was even more pathetic to hear that he had left all his money and his mobile with wife. while the wife and the child was waiting, he had gone in search of a room to stay that night. But when he returned, he had lost the way and the location where his wife and child were waiting. He didnot know either his mobile number nor his wife's number.

I and Sonam tried to help him in search for his family member but even after making round the whole of the core area, we did not find his wife. I remember him say " i thought the place would be like ours were we would never be lost. But its different here.' soon it was too dark and i had to leave the place as he said he would do the search by himself. But it is still disturbing me and am still wondering if he met his wife and the child. I just pray that they met.....It just made me realize how important education is... Life is in darkness with no education...