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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Final Farewell

In midst of smoke under the same roof 
following those who have gone,covered with silk and scarf;
I will be alone, 
watched by the crowd, biding farewell. 
The fire that warms my body now  
will engulf my bones and  flesh, turning me into ashes and dusts. 
The air that freshens me now will blow me to be smoke and vapor.
I will be going into the  mysterious world,  unknown, unseen 
but the world much talked about. 
left will be the memories of my deeds.

My closest friends will moan. 
Strangers will see me go and show pity of my departure. 
Yet no force can stop me from leaving the world.
coz  the force of the unknown world will be the strongest;
to pull me away from the much known world.
 No matter how much I wish to stay  here, 
heedless of the want to hold me by  loved ones , 
I will have to bid  farewell .
My hard earned fame,name and wealth will be of no strength.
My body will cease and soul will depart ;

Guided by chants of  monks into the path I have never taken. 
I will be alone, scared and anxious. 
My companion will be the dark hollow space.
To the spiritual guidance I will seek my refuge
To transform me into the higher  space:
take me to take the path of  higher truth
leave  no trace of sadness in me 
to leave the world of mine: once loved and cared.

 O  the enlightened ones ! I seek your  blessings,
To show me the way towards your  path
Let the end of me be the best beginning of me.

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