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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Beauty of Tshetshu

Being a Bhutanese, Tsechu is not a new concept to me. Yet I had never looked at it so closely until now. As a kid I always loved going to Tshechus because I got to wear new and  beautiful clothes. I loved watching the performers perform. It contented me  when I met with people whom I had not met for months and we got to sit and share our lunch together. It was fun  listening to my parents explain to me the meaning of different dances and the faces of the mask dancers. The melody of the dancers cheered me as I got an opportunity to immitate them llatter infront of my parents  when I reached home.

Now,even as an adult  I still love Tshechus, as it brings colors and sparkle to the place. I still enjoy wearing the intricate and exquisitely designed hand  woven kira, the impeccable combination of silk wanju and the brocade tego . It adds to the beauty of the outfit.The precious stone are my favourite. As a child I was always thrilled to wear the corals and the pearls.   To these days, I cannot hide my excitement to wear it. The clothes have  dynamism to  add splendor to the ones wearing it and ones watching it. I admire the charm that Tshechu brings among people. We get to meet with people from various societal backgrounds, their language and their taste. Of course, like in the past in my village Tshechu, I do not talk to all the people and smile to all the people I see on my way. But I definitely, enjoy looking at all the people I meet on my way. I even smile to some of the people and vice-versa.
I do not  see so much of cohesiveness among people during such occasion in urban center which  is very different in the case of rural areas. Way back as a kid, I saw everyone talk to each other on their way and adults circled themselves to drink ara together.
Here is a different story, people have their own group and we have no reasons to talk to other people as it would be too strange if anyone did this.  
Nevertheless, I still love the horror that Dray Nakchung brings in me, the calm that Lha Karp assures  me. Tshechus are such a wonderful time of the year. 
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