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Monday, September 8, 2014

Humanity Crisis

For past hundred of years; wars were fought, lives were taken in the name of religion, politics, revenge and many other unnamed reasons. Now, its another phase of this war we are fighting. 

Planes go on missing. People are kidnapped. Cities are bombarded. Families are separated. A father loses a daughter in trafficking. A son is kidnapped to become a suicide bomber. Journalist are tortured and taken as captive. Family members kill each other for money and property.Our homes are on fire. What is happening to humanity? Where are we heading to?

I switch on my television. I see crisis in country X. I get disturbed and change the channel. I see open firing on civilians in country Y on another channel. I see people in pool of blood. The children are screaming and yelling. The war  has consumed all the resources, people are going hungry.They are abandoned from their own country. The schools are captured by terrorists. The children no more go to schools. They stay locked in their homes. Yet the families are not safe in their own homes. The 'sound sleep' is a distant word. 

Where are our values?Is this the destiny of human beings? Is this ever going to end? Our leaders are debating. They are talking.Solutions are vague. Our future is in haze. In the process of our perplexity, there are more blood sheds, magnifying collisions and  heightening crisis.
As I listen and watch this,  I feel sick. I want to run away. I no more want to live in the  World of chaos.I do not want to live in the World of fear and horror. I want peace and love. As I am writing this, several hundred may be evacuated from a war zone. Number of them might have breathed last.

Does this crisis have an end ?  Will humans go extinct in war with each other? What is the purpose of a war that is taking our sound sleep and hormony?  Every night, I sleep with this disturbing questions only to wake up with news of another terror. 

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