You are capable of more than what you think

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Exactly two months and 13 days had passed by without updating my Blog. That accounts to eight weeks and 15 days. The simple fact is that I am lost in the daily mundane of life. Some how,  I seem to have lost track of time. Today, I am all over the thoughts of being a general graduate and the challenges I foresee upon myself in this technical World. 

When I first joined MoH, I had no idea what difference it would make in being a general graduate. I never foresaw the challenge ahead.   Even when I went to appraise our Secretary on my first day  at  office,  he stressed  on the challenges of  general graduate in the technical World. I wondered about it then . Now, I understand  what he meant as I begin to feel the mismatch of my qualification and job.

If I were to  take the survey of Bhutanese people working in various organization, there will be almost 50% of the people in the wrong place. They will either have mismatch of  job and qualification , or mismatch of job and skills or mismatch of job and interest. However, for good performance and meaningful contribution at the organization, there should job-qualification-skills-interest match.  Of course it is like asking for an ideal match. Yet,some absolute mismatch in our workplace are worth the thought.

For instance, an Information Technology student (IT) becomes a marketing officer.  History major student works in a financial institute. A biology student is employed as Trade Officer. A student with finance background is Human Resource Officer.Now go around and look in your own organization, see how many of such kind you can find. I bet there will be many. 

Should we call this blessing? Destiny?Chance? I know that cannot be called  'a job by choice.' A person  would always want to  apply the knowledge they learnt in their high school or college at their workplace.Nonetheless, we could also look at this from a different angle. May be that student was forced to take up the course they did not like(or by chance). Now, they may be  in the job of their choice. But this coincidence can happen only with few lucky ones. 

Is our recruitment into organizations flawed? Or is it because we have taken the course without studying the market situation? Or did the ones who developed the curriculum failed to be futuristic?(applies to Bhutan only)

In my case, I do not know if it is mismatch between job-interest or qualification , I am definitely handicapped at my own inability to contribute in the technical reports and discussions. I feel my energy untapped. While I also feel my potential to contribute lies else where.  Of course, I  am in the place where many dream to be but for me, its causing my self esteem.  I know there are  hundreds who are still hunting for a job and that I should be complacent. Yet, the uneasiness(inferiority complex)  brought this thought in me. 

Do not think I am giving up( nor any one would). There is still a hope inside me, the hope to make myself capable enough to handle the situations I am faced with. I know I will never become a doctor or specialist . But I also know I can built that same capacity inside me so that I no longer will feel sorry at myself. Thank God, I have  people at work place who motivate and never let me down.

I feel  the need for the change in the current scenario so that other people like me will no more suffer with the feeling of helplessness. 
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