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Monday, February 3, 2014

Ambition versus Reality

13th Jan, 2014

What was your ambition when you were in your pre-primary school? Did it remain the same when you reached your middle secondary or high school? Are you what you once dreamt?  If you are not than we have the same story. 

As I sit with more than 70 medical professionals: comprising of specialist, doctors, nurses, dietitians  and so on, I remember the varied ambitions with which I grew up. My ambition shifted along with different stages of my life. Some came out due to the force of  the society while others were because of my  my enthusiasm .  I aspired to become a Teacher in my pre-primary school inspired by my teachers (wanting to become like one of them). Upon reaching the middle school, I was fascinated by people in the arm force. The reason was very simple. I  loved the way they dressed smartly and always thought they were the strongest people. 

As I reached my 9th grade the whole dimension to all  my  earlier ambitions changed.  I wonder if that was simply because of the societal glorification of the health profession or out of my genuine interest. I wanted to become a Doctor. It was this phase of life where my strength to work never ceased. For the next four years, after my 9th grade, I burnt my share of midnight oil. I passed through several sleepless nights. The rate of sleeping on the floor with my books scattered was more than the actual rate of sleeping on the bed without any book. Comfort and sleep just became secondary, as I had to become what I aimed. Yet my dream came to halt. My love for biology and chemistry became futile. My career path diverted into an unknown.

As I  reached my college, I was placed into a course which I never thought earlier. By then I had lost hope in life because I had lost what I dreamt. I was left with no ambition. As a cliche goes 'a person without ambition is blind'. I was walking blind. People often  asked what I would like to become after my college, I simply replied, 'Whatever fate decides'. However,the wounds of my disappointment healed  with each passing days. When I reached my final semester, I revitalized all over again. I was once more clear of who I wanted to become in life. I wanted to join a media house: become a Reporter.

The same equation resumed once more. I never joined any media house nor became a reporter. This time I was tough enough to accept the pain of not becoming what I wanted to. I decided to become the the choice of the society. 

Oh! again, I did not tell something. When one of my teachers asked my ambition in class  three. I said 'I want to become a Singer (Don't  laugh, seriously that was my ambition).

Did you hear the saying 'God has better plan for us'. May be my future is better not becoming a doctor or a reporter. Life had its own plan for me. Of course, it hurts not becoming what I really endeavor for so long. But there is no use of moaning over what did not happen (as I expected). Life is all about accepting everything that comes our way. There is pain in losing our dreams yet time teaches us to accept that loss. 
I do not even know where I will be tomorrow. May be soon I will have another aim, another dream. Will it be achieved?I cant say.I may even leave the current post for another one.  I do not know. All I know is that at the end of the day it narrows down to the contributions we make to our society, of the difference we make to the lives of people around us. After all what is the purpose of life? 

For some people, dreams(ambition) does not necessarily turn into destiny. Sometimes,we become what has already been destined for us because that's the very right thing that happens to us.  

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