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Saturday, April 27, 2013

HM's Visit to RIM

HM visited Rim yesterday(26th April 2013). His speech  opened up my dreams and renewed on the aims that I have in my life.Firstly, he reminded us about the importance of knowing one's history. Its time we reflect about the past and consolidate it. Its the history that has made us what we are today. The hard work of our past generation has kept our country tranquil and independent. Thanks to our forefathers.
Next, HM talked about the situation of Bhutan."It gives me goose pimple to think about it" said HM as he talked about how Bhutan is sandwiched between the two giants, the two growing economy of the world. The Rupee crisis, the debt burden and so on. We must start to work on this.  "Even when I drink coffee, the milk powder,coffee and even the container is all imported. The only  Bhutanese is me and the water." Its high time we start to think about our economic development. 
We are complacent, way too complacent. In this changing times, we need to work harder and think about the future of our nation, the future of us and our generation. Otherwise as HM said we may become like Sikkim. Especially the youth need to change our attitude and start being serious of our future. Times have changed now, we get information from so many source and we have access to internet and other form of media. Its high time we update our self about things around us. Start reading!
Time change and things might change soon. "Our forefathers have successfully handed our country, independent and  peaceful, we should not be the first generation to fail to  successfully hand it to our future generation."
 HMs visit opened my eyes to focus more on my aims, on the dreams that I have for my country. Above all, he rang a bell in my head of my aims in life. I need to move on, work hard with my heart and soul. I may sound little patriotic but the day awakened me from my sleep. Big thanks to HM.
All I pray is for us to built our nation to a better one. To fulfill the dreams that HM has from us. May God give us strength to move ahead and never give up....Bless us my Guru.....^^ 

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