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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Fact of being "Known"

When  you are 'known' and 'Visible'  in the society or the public, its the moment when you get all the attention in the world.. The  very little things you do is noticed, the way you look at people, the way you  walk, talk  or even  the way you smile. If you unintentionally do things against the general principles  you become the source of rumors and mockery even if the deed is not of a big public concern. When the gossip actually reaches back to you it is all in the form of immense distortion.
Conversely, if the same  deed is carried by any other person of no public visibility, the action goes unnoticed even if the intensity of the situation is extreme.
Another complication is the 'Faces' behind the 'smiles.' There may be many people who may double cross or mislead you. Trying to figure out the deceptive smiles may be arduous. One have to be careful anyways. Flattery, you will receive that a lot by people who know you but to distinguish  the intention may be difficult. For few might have the intention to drag and stain you of your hard earned state. 
The most difficult part is differentiating True from False friends, understanding the real appreciation from the bad intended ones.
Now, since you are well known , you can no more live by your values or perception but have to follow what the majority perceives right or wrong. The freedom to live by your values and interest curtails. Your name is tagged by the position you hold and not by  the person who you really are. The self identity gets lost in the world of expectations. 
In such times, there is lose of serenity with yourself and with other people around you. One might even feel to strangle another person who deluded(if you come to know about it) you. But its the time when you must show them how tranquil you are about everything. Otherwise their eyes and ears are too open to create another rumor. This is the way the world functions. You see frowning faces when a misfortune happens to you but you do not see the real face behind it. Outwardly,   they may frown but once you are out of sight that may be the only source of their conversation. This is the world.................the very bitter fact about being known and  recognized....

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