You are capable of more than what you think

Sunday, February 24, 2013


                                                                                16/10/12 5.55 pm
Emotions   clutched
My teachers and my Gurus have always advised me never to be attached to worldly things.  Never be drawn by the emotions of love, distress, anger, hatred, ego, jealousy etc.  However, my heart aches at the thought of the impermanence, of how life changes so fast, of how time hastens,  of how moments become history.  I look back at past of how people have changed my life while I stay in curiosity to see what waits me ahead. Human life for me  is such a wonder. I really do not understand why I was born. Is  our life meant to be born, get education, become a doctor/teachers etc.. get married  and so on. I wonder if there is any other purpose of coming here other than fulfilling these conventional roles. Are we blinded by the societal roles and responsibilities expected of us. So often I  keep asking this question: what’s the purpose of life?  The answer is ambiguous. All I do is keep following the mass. However, am I right to do that or need  to just find my way.  Most often I am soaked into sentiments of the thinking how people squander their life ignorantly. Once we leave the World, will we be able to come back here? Will humans realize at some point of time the goal with which humans are born?  

There a lot of times when I self-assess and find so funny to think this way. But at other point of time I find it notable to drift my thoughts towards it. I need a spiritual guidance at this point of my life. My emotions are so clutched that I am totally mystified with it.
I  beseech my Guru to show me the way as you always do. Do bless me find my destiny.

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