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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” 
In New Year, people often commit to do or not do something.  We make resolution in every New Year that comes by. Whoever started the culture of New Year’s resolution, I am happy that they did. It makes a person develop both short and long term goals in life. In short, it gives person a will to self-improvement. Some new year’s resolution goes from joining gym, losing weight, saving money to finding love.
Whether out of my curiosity or due to a want for self-improvement, I did make few promises to myself.   After 3 months of it, I am looking back at my new year’s resolution. I have committed to take my goals very seriously this year.
My New Year resolution are to(not in any order of preference);
1. Join a reading club
2. Observe the National reading Year by reading the double of previous year. That makes me obliged to read almost 36 books this year.
3. Learn to drive. A thing I should have done long time before. Somehow I have not taken it very seriously. It’s now a vow this year.
4. Join a volunteer group. I am yet to decide where I want to join. There are several volunteer groups in the capital that I can choose to join. Though I have been active in my college days by being in almost 4-5 volunteer groups. I have been very dormant for the last one year. It’s high time I wake up for the greater cause.
5.  Look for a spiritual guide. Well, that is the toughest of all. There are several teachers I know, but I want to feel connected to the one I choose. I want to find myself through the guidance I get (it’s tough one though!). For greater realization, understanding and transformation.
 I am deeply inspired by this quote by Sogyal Rinpoche “our master is your living link with the truth, and because of your personal connection to your master, just seeing  his or her face connects you to the inspiration and truth of your own nature.
Unlike the other years, this year is a very special year for me solely because of the resolutions I made.  My only pray is to be able to keep all commitments and to live by it.

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