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Monday, July 1, 2013

The AfterMath

Regret is the worst  feeling.......

There are so many things we want to mend in life. Few memories we want to erase it from our brain.Few things we wish we did not do. 
Things happens and sometimes its not always what we want in life. we have no control over all that happens to us. We wish things to happen our way and when it does not, that is when we regret. Sometimes  life can be cruel to us. Yes it really can be.

It is said  that people learn through their mistakes. Do we really learn from it? I wonder because  I see no change in people even if it that mistake is committed all over again. Well then why is there" learning through mistakes".

I wish there was no thing call 'Regret' and that we can have control over few things, over our own emotions. 
People often say things happen for reason. I still wonder if things really happen for reasons. And if it happens for reasons what the reasons must be. Does that lead to better world in that person's life or does that person end up with even worst life?
Well that is what that person must realize it mindfully. 

What ever the situation may be, what ever people may say, finally its you, self, who have to face the hardships, who have to go through the whole process.
Life, situations, incidents can be terrible sometimes as it brings 'Regret', the regret of not being able to do few things, not being able to take few steps, or simply taking some steps.
Yes, aftermath is terrible  :(

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